Fisherman Village Cumbuco

What you have to know about the village of Cumbuco...


Beach of Cumbuco

The beach is where during the day the life of the people happens: swimming, kiting, sunbathing or just hanging around in one of the barracas or restaurants, eating fish or drinking beer and Caipirinha. Especially on the weekends it´s getting quite busy.

Dunes of Cumbuco

The dunes are right behind the village. It’s nice to walk on the loose sand and have a scenic view over Cumbuco and the sea. Be careful during the day – lots of buggys are passing by. A nice way to discover the dunes is a buggy tour. The dunes are also beautiful at night with a full moon in the sky. Just the registered buggys have access to the dunes! Cars are forbidden!

Village of Cumbuco

Cumbuco is originally a fishing village about 25km away from Fortaleza and 40km from Fortaleza Airport Pinto Martins. One side borders the sea, the other side is sourrounded by dunes. Cumbuco has a small village center where you can find almost all of the restaurants, bars, shops, kiteshops!