Kitespots in and around Cumbuco

Find the right spot for you to train your passion, if flatwater lagoons or wavespot, we have listed some of the favorites of the region...

Cumbuco Beach

Cumbuco´s beach is more than 4km long, 100% sandy beach, here you find mostly chopp, during low tide almost flat water, time to high tide some waves

wind is side onshore

you find barracas and restaurants – there is always something

Vila Galé Beach

waves at high tide and some reef plates under water, have a look when its low tide

cross onshore

if you are lucky somebody sells coconuts, restaurants normally just for visitors of the Vila Gale

4,5km along the beach downwind, on the beach with buggy, or around with a taxi

Cauipe Lagoon

Lagoon, flat water

barracas are open during the high season every day, low season can be closed during weekdays

7km along the beach downwind, on the beach with buggy, or around with a taxi

Icarai Lagoon

UPDATE, because of lots of rain we had this year, lot of sand got washed into the lagoon, its very shallow and small, be careful

Lagoon, flat water DANGER! check out for some rocks, you cant see them when the lagoon is filled up

don´t go to close to the brigde, because of wind shadow because of the houses

one barraca at local, sometimes closed, weekends normally open and full – many people in the water

7km along the beach upwind, reachable by taxi, car and by public bus

Further north and south

going North: Pecem, Taiba, Paracuru ...

sandy beaches, Pecem Taiba Paracuru are wavespots, because of shallow reef under water, beside the main spots with waves are also some river and lagoons kiteable

coming almost 100% cross-onshore, because of thermic reasons more than in the south

few baracas in the villages, some are during the weekdays closed

13+++km along the beach downwind, reachable by taxi and buggy

going South: Fortaleza Praia do Futuro and south

mostly sandy beaches, less current, more waves than going north, waves/swell are coming more straight to the beach some rivers and lagoons too with flat water

wind is almost onshore

more infrastructure than north, Fortaleza is full of barracas and restaurants along the beach, further down south the villages also have barracas, the south is also more frequented during weekends and holidays

35+++km passing Fortaleza the road “leste oeste” direction Beira Mar – always straight, you are coming to the Praia Futuro and to the roads to the south taken the raod CE-040
view Pecem