Buggy tour Dunes and Beach Cumbuco

See the dunes from a different perspective. Go on a buggy tour - you can choose - with emotions or lady-like 😉 . There are different tours. The normal tour which includes a tour in the dunes and a stop at the Lagoa Parnamirin where you can ride the dunes with a sandboard and the long tour which includes trips along the coast until Pecem.

Duration around 2 hours

Traditional Tour

You will start with the tour here in the dunes of Cumbuco. You will stop in Parnamirin, first lagoon, than Crystalinas behind the dunes to have fun with the waterslides and the ziplines (pay apart*) further on through the nature and beach till the Lagoon Cauipe
Duration around 1 hour

Short Tour

The tour starts at the dunes from the lagoa Banana (not the dunes from Cumbuco) are including same things like the traditional tour
*optional to pay at local

Skibunda/Sandboard R$ 15,00
Zip Line R$ 20,00. Including the car to climb back the dune
Water slide R$ 20,00. Including the car to climb back the dune

All the games you pay only once, but you can use how often you want
Lagoa Banana Cumbuco