Quad ATV driving Cumbuco

Go off the paved roads to explore the dunes and beaches outside of Cumbuco by ATV (all-terrain vehicle). Following a guide, you’ll zoom across dirt trails through nature close to the ocean on the ATV. This is a great tour also for beginner ATV riders. Rent a quad or go with a guide.

Duration around 1,5 - 2 hours

Traditional Tour

You will pass the dunes here in Cumbuco. You will stop in Crystalinas behind the dunes to have fun with the waterslides and the ziplines (optional*) further on through the nature and beach till the Lagoon Cauipe

max. 2 persons

Duration around >2 hours

Long Tour

including same things like for the traditional tour, but it´s goint on the dunes further till Pecem, the next village where the port is which you can see from Cumbuco on the left, with even more beautyful views of landscape and sea

max. 2 persons

*optional to pay at local
Skibunda/Sandboard R$ 15,00 Zip Line R$ 20,00. Including the car to climb back the dune
Water slide R$ 20,00. Including the car to climb back the dune
All the games you pay only once, but you can use how often you want
You can drive the quad on the beach and through the nature, driving in the dunes is only permitted for the guide

Our guide will bring you to the best places in Cumbuco to take photos, also every moment you can stop and take pictures

Our guide