Activities in Cumbuco

Check out what else you can do in Cumbuco besides relaxing in the sun. There are some activities, that brings you a smile in your face

Buggy tour Dunes and Beach Cumbuco

See the dunes from a different perspective. Go on a buggy tour – you can choose – with emotions or lady-like 😉

Jangada sailing

You want to feel like a fisherman? Sail the open sea on a little jangada…

Horseback riding

Ride along the beach through dunes, rivers and unpaved roads. Discover Cumbuco and surroundings on a horseback or book a guided tour with one of our guides

Quad driving

Go off the paved roads to explore the dunes and beaches outside of Cumbuco

Waterslides and Zipline

Sandboarding the dunes or go down the dunes till inside the lagoon on a waterslide or a zipline – fun garanteed

Jet ski (seasonal)

The Lagoa Banana is perfect for fast rides on flat water or just enjoying the nature
Cumbuco Beach Panorama